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Committed to Quality

We apply strict quality controls to all our projects: analysis, translation, revision and final proofreading.



Our work processes and project management systems are meticulously organised and our staff is carefully selected.



All matters entrusted to us are treated as confidential and we sign confidentiality agreements with our clients on request.


Personalised services

We are especially interested in building and keeping fluid communications with all agents involved in a project to ensure the continual improvement of our services.



About Versitalie


V E R S I T A L I E  was founded in Barcelona en 2005 with the aim of creating a new kind of translation agency; one which, in addition to the common inherent values of all businesses, pays special attention to the feeling of empathy when faced with client needs and takes especial care of the style and manner when communicating with the firm’s greatest asset: its clients and the staff.

Our commitment to quality is embodied in our quality control and the search for excellence. Our organisational processes are demanding and meticulous, and our projects and work processes are efficiently managed. We carry out continual training programmes, apply the latest technological developments and incorporate linguistic innovations in an environment in which languages live and grow in parallel with our clients’ professional and cultural circumstances.

Our attention and interest are focussed on providing services that meet the highest quality standards and that contribute to our clients’ professional and business objectives. These are our aims and the purpose of all our efforts: to carry out all our jobs perfectly, to provide an unimpeachable customer service attitude, and to make our clients’ satisfaction our own reward.



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Translation services

We are specialised in translation services and our agency offers nine basic languages: French, Italian, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician. This enables us to stand out as specialised service providers and linguistic consultants, encompassing a wide service range.

  • General translations
  • Sworn translations
  • Corrections and revision of texts
  • Urgent translations




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Areas of specialisation


Our areas of specialisation encompass a wide range of subject matters; we are also very aware of emerging sectors and select the best professionals whose competencies can best meet our clients’ needs.

  • Technical translations
  • Financial translations
  • Legal translations
  • Medical translations
  • Commercial translations
  • Advertising copy translations
  • Web localisation
  • ...



Our principles and guarantees  

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We are not, and have no wish to be, a large, impersonal, departmentalised company with hundreds of members across the globe covering all languages and subjects. On the contrary, we prefer, and feel more comfortable with, the kind of company that responsibly and professionally provides translation and revision services, using only the best translators in those language pairs where we can guarantee an excellent service.



Our guarantees:



1.- Meticulous quality control: all the documents we translate go through a meticulous quality control based on four principles: analysis, translation, revision (by a second linguist or translator) and final proofreading.


2.- Speed, precision and reliability in meeting deadlines.


3.-  Meticulous recruitment: All our translators are qualified, accredited, native professionals and have specific training. Before becoming members of our team, all candidates go through a meticulous selection process.


4.- Absolute confidentiality: All documentation received from clients is treated as absolutely confidential.  

We are always prepared to sign confidentiality agreements.

All translators working with VERSITALIE sign confidentiality agreements before joining the company.

5.- Transparency: We provide cost estimates that include all costs and show our fees clearly.


6.- Personalised service: We are always available and at your service..


7.- Liability: In the event of any involuntary incident that might occur, VERSITALIE has an insurance policy covering liabilities of up to 300,000 € for each incident and 600,000 € per annum.



We believe that...


'If efforts fail to meet expectations, the client is dissatisfied. If efforts meet expectations, the client is satisfied. If efforts exceed expectations, the client is satisfied and delighted'.

Philip Kotler


'In communications, it’s most important to listen to what is not being said".

"Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things'.

Peter Drucker




'Learning in a team is the process of aligning and developing the team’s capacity to create the results its members want to achieve. It is based on the discipline of building a shared vision. It is also built by personal mastery '.

Peter Senge

'Translation is the art of communicating a message from one language to another while keeping the meaning and manner of the original'